First-Rate Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Reach Out to Us for Your Garbage Disposal Repair Needs

When your garbage disposal is stuck or stops working, you need expert assistance that is prompt and courteous. Contact the professionals at Lanny Adams Appliance Heating & Air and get the help you need. Our technicians can fix any garbage disposal problem, or replace it if its unit-life has finally run its course. Most importantly, you don't have to pay a service charge with repairs or replacements.

At Lanny Adams Appliance Heating & Air, we recommend that when your garbage disposal doesn’t turn on at all, check for a red reset button on the bottom of the disposal and push it in. If even after pushing the button your garbage disposal doesn’t work, contact our experienced staff and get the service you need.
Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Crucial Garbage Disposal Problems

  • It makes noise 
  • It makes a loud clatter
  • It's jammed
  • It makes a humming noise
  • It’s silent
  • It’s leaking
Ask about our senior citizen DISCOUNT for garbage disposal repair services. 
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